• A permaculture smallholding

    Based in Ballyroney in the heart of rural South Down

  • Welcoming visitors

    From all over the world

  • Practising permaculture

    We aim to provide a significant proportion of our food needs.

  • Growing organically

    We work with nature to avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides.

  • Rescued and working horses

    Managing the land using low impact methods

  • Working with others

    Volunteers and visitors practice and learn practical skills.

  • Animal welfare
    Encouraging rare breeds and giving unwanted animals a second chance

  • Living a low impact lifestyle
    We aim to substantially meet our need for energy, food, fuel and water

  • Practising permaculture

    Working with our environment not against it.

Thank You

So many thanks to all those who supported our crowdfunder campaign

And we’re back

After a frenetic June, and the success of our crowdfunding campaign, we took a couple of weeks to travel and visit family and friends, and begin to plan the next couple of months in earnest. The thrill of meeting our funding target came with the knowledge that we needed to spend the money wisely, and so the last couple of weeks have been spent hunting around for materials that meet our criteria of
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Materials wanted list

We have an ongoing wishlist of materials that will be needed here on site, so if anyone has any of the following they would like to part with, then please let us know. Rapid collection assured….Email lackancottage [at] riseup.net if you can help. Timber – 6×2, 4×2, long larger bits. Full of nails no problem. Double glazed windows in timber frames (useable condition) Glass win
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You did it!

Well done folks, you did it – we got to our fundraising target of £3000, which is a huge relief, and allowed me the first decent nights sleep in nearly 4 weeks. We still have 3 days to go, so anything we raise over the target will go towards tools or kit that we can use for visitors. We’re particularly keen to get some sort of projector so that we can show films and presentations, but
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Kind words from visitors