• As we celebrate the turning of the seasons

    Solstice greetings to all of you
  • A permaculture smallholding in Co.Down

    Welcome to Lackan Cottage Farm
  • From all over the world to learn and to share knowledge

    Volunteers and groups visit us
  • Through permaculture & organic practice

    We encourage abundance
  • Using natural, local, low cost materials and techniques

    Providing unique spaces
  • Using solar and wind - and teaching others to do the same

    Creating our own energy
  • As well as being home to countless species
    and a wonderful space to enjoy

    These woodlands provide our fuel source
  • Adding over 1000 trees and creating
    an abundant food forest

    Reforesting the landscape
  • So contact us if you want to know more

    We love to share our environment

Lackan Cottage Farm is a permaculture smallholding near the beautiful Mourne Mountains in Co. Down. We live as lightly as possible on the land and offer the opportunity for visitors from all over the world to volunteer and learn with us.
We want to demonstrate how a low impact lifestyle can be a practical reality, meeting our own needs for food, energy, waste and water from the land around us. Sharing our experiences with others is important to us, and as well as offering practical courses, we welcome volunteers from all over the world to help with everything from horticulture to green buildings.

Volunteer highlights – Food glorious food

  One of the best things about being volunteer hosts is that every visitor brings with them a new approach to food, and this year we had some amazing meals. It didn’t take a lot of deliberation to come up with a highlight of the year, which came with Samanta and Irene from Tuscany. Pizza night was a revalation, being no less than 8 successive varieties, served amidst much jollity.  
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Say goodbye to ‘when’

‘When’ is one of those words that fills me with dismay, because it implies a condition. We can do this when such and such; you can have this when so and so. Primarily it dismays me because its inclusion means ‘not now’. It means ‘some time in the future’. By nature I am a procrastinator, and it is something that has occasionally driven people to distraction as I
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Wonderful woodlands

One of the main reasons we chose to live here at Lackan was that it came with several acres of birch woodland, growing on what was cut over bog. There is something magical about the woods, the birch gives them an especially norther european feeling, and they evoke the woods of stories and fables – a world apart from the busy world outside, where you can escape for a while. Remains of the pea
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Website improvements

  Over the last week you may have noticed that we’ve been making some improvements to the website – we’re in the process of updating content, making use of the great photographs that we’ve got with our new camera, and making it easier to find things. We’ve also changed the typography, and increased font sizes to improve readability. ¬†We’ve also added some n
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