• Welcome to Lackan Cottage Farm
  • in the glorious County Down countryside

    A permaculture smallholding
  • From all over the world to learn and to share knowledge

    Volunteers and groups visit us
  • Through permaculture & organic practice

    We encourage abundance
  • Using natural, local, low cost materials and techniques

    Providing unique spaces
  • Using solar and wind - and teaching others to do the same

    Creating our own energy
  • As well as being home to countless species
    and a wonderful space to enjoy

    These woodlands provide our fuel source
  • Adding over 1000 trees and creating
    an abundant food forest

    Reforesting the landscape
  • So contact us if you want to know more

    We love to share our environment

Lackan Cottage Farm is a permaculture smallholding near the beautiful Mourne Mountains in Co. Down. We live as lightly as possible on the land and offer the opportunity for visitors from all over the world to volunteer and learn with us.
We want to demonstrate how a low impact lifestyle can be a practical reality, meeting our own needs for food, energy, waste and water from the land around us. Sharing our experiences with others is important to us, and as well as offering practical courses, we welcome volunteers from all over the world to help with everything from horticulture to green buildings.

Could you retire early?

  A friend recently introduced me to the excellent website of the strangely named Mr Money Mustache, and I have to say that despite my initial apprehension about it all being rather money driven, it is actually a very helpful and interesting blog. The gist of it is basically, how can you save enough money to retire early and lead a life of general enjoyment. Which is a good thing, unless you
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Connecting it all together

Someone asked how we get the data about our power generation and usage to the side of our website. Well here is as concise an answer as I can manage. Here’s a schematic - Power comes from our PV Panel Arrays (shown top). The big array (centre) is wired as 4 groups of 6x 80w panels, with the 4 groups in parallel, so the array puts out 6×22.5v = 135v and 4x6A = 24A. The array to the right
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What to do in winter

This is the time of year when despite our recent obsession with all things solar, we need to get outside and start to prepare for the year ahead.  All the the veg beds that don’t have anything in them need dressing with manure – both outside, and in the polytunnels. Lots of cardboard and straw mulch needs applied to the bigger growing areas to kill off weeds that we didn’t get to
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Energy – a learning curve

As we continue to grapple with our growing solar PV power station, we’re learning how to manage within our means, power wise (or not on occasion); and get it all running smoothly. Although we have batteries as a buffer, there are some things better done on a sunny day, such as running the washing machine, and with a little careful juggling we can get away without using any mains at all. The
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