• A permaculture smallholding

    Based in Ballyroney in the heart of rural South Down

  • Natural building

    Local, low cost and sustainable

  • Welcoming visitors

    From all over the world

  • Practising permaculture

    Working with our environment not against it.

  • Rescued and working horses

    Managing the land using low impact methods

  • Growing organically

    We work with nature to avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides.

  • Working with others

    Volunteers and visitors practice and learn practical skills.

  • Animal welfare
    Encouraging rare breeds and giving unwanted animals a second chance

  • Practising permaculture

    We aim to provide a significant proportion of our food needs.

  • A permaculture smallholding

    Based in Ballyroney in the heart of rural South Down

Is winter coming?

As we approach December, and I wake to the first heavy frost we’ve had, I am reminded that winter hasn’t really arrived yet. The cold night is just a reminder of all the things we need to do – very soon – if the coming months aren’t to be a struggle. I’m all too aware that there isn’t enough antifreeze in the solar thermal panels, and that the pipes I conn
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Something new for Northern Ireland

Our friends are starting an exciting new venture – Freckle magazine.  Freckle is an independently published magazine dedicated to celebrating the people and landscapes of Northern Ireland and beyond. Here is what you need to know – “We need your support to print the first issue of Freckle magazine, due in January 2015. What is Freckle? We know three things: We like Northern Irela
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Power station progress

  A bit of early evening winter sun means we get to catch a few last volts before it gets dark. There’s now 1.5kW of PV up on the roof, which suffers a bit from shading late in the day – just one of several issues to work around. We’re setting everything up to be optimal in the depths of winter, so we might waste a little in summer but shouldn’t run out of power. Anoth
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Thank You

So many thanks to all those who supported our crowdfunder campaign

Kind words from visitors


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