• A permaculture smallholding

    Based in Ballyroney in the heart of rural South Down

  • Welcoming visitors

    From all over the world

  • Practising permaculture

    We aim to provide a significant proportion of our food needs.

  • Growing organically

    We work with nature to avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides.

  • Rescued and working horses

    Managing the land using low impact methods

  • Working with others

    Volunteers and visitors practice and learn practical skills.

  • Animal welfare
    Encouraging rare breeds and giving unwanted animals a second chance

  • Living a low impact lifestyle
    We aim to substantially meet our need for energy, food, fuel and water

  • Practising permaculture

    Working with our environment not against it.

Thank You

So many thanks to all those who supported our crowdfunder campaign

Making connections

  One of the things that really cheers us up is when we hear from people who’ve stayed, or maybe just come across the blog and email to say ‘Hi, we’re out here’. Here’s Lyra with Clare, who came to volunteer for a week recently, and was kind enough to send a thank you card. ┬áThis week has also seen greetings from John and Ola in Poland, and others from here in Ir
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The morning after

No amount of careful preparation can protect against damage like this, and we woke up to find that a huge piece of our largest tree had come down. Amazingly it missed both chicken houses, and the tipi poles, but our poor tree is looking rather sorry this morning, as it has a huge gap in one side. Thankfully other than a torn polytunnel door, we don’t have any other damage. We’ll certai
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Weathering the storm

  So the first proper storm of autumn is coming tonight, and rather than wait for mother nature to do her thing, and then clean up the mess afterwards, we decided to be more organised this year and take down the tipi, wind turbine and firepit shelter, just in case it gets as bad as we’re threatened with. It’s sad to see the tipi come down, even though it’ll be back in the sp
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Kind words from visitors