• A permaculture smallholding

    Based in Ballyroney in the heart of rural South Down

  • Welcoming visitors

    From all over the world

  • Practising permaculture

    We aim to provide a significant proportion of our food needs.

  • Growing organically

    We work with nature to avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides.

  • Rescued and working horses

    Managing the land using low impact methods

  • Working with others

    Volunteers and visitors practice and learn practical skills.

  • Animal welfare
    Encouraging rare breeds and giving unwanted animals a second chance

  • Living a low impact lifestyle
    We aim to substantially meet our need for energy, food, fuel and water

  • Practising permaculture

    Working with our environment not against it.

Low impact living

Lackan Cottage Farm is a permaculture smallholding near the beautiful Mourne Mountains in Co. Down. We live as lightly as possible on the land and offer the opportunity for visitors from all over the world to volunteer and learn with us. We want to demonstrate how a low impact lifestyle can be a practical reality, meeting our own needs for food, energy, waste and water from the land around us. Sharing our experiences with others is important to us, and as well as offering practical courses, we welcome volunteers from all over the world to help with everything from horticulture to green buildings.

Tipi living

  After the high winds at the end of last year, our poor tipi was rather the worse for wear, so we sent it off to The Sail Yard in Killinchy to be repaired, and they made an excellent job of it. This season we were determined to put it up well, and so after no less than four attempts and three days, we were happy with it. Now all the poles are marked and numbered, we know which ropes work bes
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As Dougie taught us, the word to describe stuff that is handy, and which others are disposing of, is ‘pruck’. Well we’ve had a bumper week for pruck. A friend is moving house and doesn’t have room for all the things she has collected up over the years, so we were happy to step in and offer some of it a home. Our favourite were these stained glass panels above – there
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Firewood finally

The past two winters have involved a constant battle to find enough wood fuel to keep us warm, and at times when trudging around in sleet and snow to retrieve sodden timber from the woods has been nothing short of miserable. So this spring we built the lovely new woodshed, on the basis that ‘build it and they will come’. And didn’t it just. Several tonnes of gifted ash and sycamo
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Kind words from visitors


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